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    Iffy A

    Around lunch time (11-12:30), I find there are a lot of drivers most likely on lunch break in a hurry around the Neyagawa plazas (Fortinos and McDonalds) that are driving ridiculously fast. Some of this can be attributed to High School students on lunch but it is adults as well. The only High Schools that use the plaza regularly would Holy Trinity Catholic School and King’s Christin Collegiate. It seems everyone on the roads around that time period has somewhere to be immediately and the parking lots quickly become a safety issue. Does anyone also find this to be true?

    Some possible ideas I have are:
    – Having someone go talk to local High School (senior students) about the dangers of careless driving.
    – Getting possible Police presence somewhere about Neyagawa and Dundas during the busy mid-day time period.

    What else can be done to protect students and adults during what can be a very hectic lunch-time rush?


    I completely agree! Near the Fortino’s is especially an area to watch out for. I think that people in general are in a hurry, not sure that the majority of them are students though. I do think that your “possible ideas” are great. In previous posts on this site, people have mentioned that cars speed up and down along Sixteen Mile, Preserve, etc. Something definitely needs to be done!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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