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    I soooo believe in supporting local businesses so got a quote for house insurance, the price seemed cheap, until I started asking questions. There were many things not covered ( theft of goods outside the house on personal goods ) and when I asked to cover them I sat there for 10 mins as the agent did the computer thing. At the end of this process, he told me it was 5 bucks a month more. I reiterated the question about personal goods outside the house being covered and he waffled on about liability ??? The short answer was no it did no cover what I had asked for. Previous to this the gentleman had suggested an umbrella policy against stolen credit cards and identity theft.He told me it covered up to $1,000 on an unauthorised CC card purchase and it was a $1,000 deductible !!!!The boss guy came out Eric Gruscyk and told me his guy was mistaken. in fact, it did not cover credit card unauthorized purchases at all. It covered you if you had to take time off work to replace a stolen passport you could submit a claim for lost wages. Huh

    My advice take a wide berth of this local business.

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